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Parental Advisory with Lia Berman

Dec 30, 2019

Happy End of the Decade!! Lia & James break down some of the coolest things that happened in the Teens, and they recap the amazing year of fun, insightful, hilarious episodes of the show! Thank you all for hanging out with Lia and her guests in 2019! There is more to come in 2020, including a special announcement you'll...

Dec 16, 2019

Happy Holidays, folks! Lia's back with a DUDE for once, the great Jeff Murray!! Lia and Jeff cover co-parenting, kids getting phones WAY too early these days, and comedy running in the family! 

Dec 2, 2019

HELLOOOOOOO!!!! Lia welcomes fan favorite Aimee Kleiman back into the studio (through a phone, mind you) to talk turkey!!